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About Us

Our Mission/Vision

Trashsan is a garbage container manufacturing company. You can have your metal or plastic garbage container needs at ideal prices with the advantage of being a manufacturer. ÇÖPSAN has adopted to offer products and services at quality standards by keeping customer, employee and supplier satisfaction at the highest level. In this direction, our main goal is to be an institution that prefers continuity and reliability for its customers, employees and suppliers, and is sensitive to society and the environment. Our basic principle is to make a difference for our customers and to respond to their expectations with the quality of our products, employees and services.

Our quality policy

Our quality management system, which was established to ensure that the management and production functions work effectively, efficiently and customer-oriented, assumes the cornerstone role in achieving the total quality management target with the participation of all company employees and the support of the management. It is our policy to ensure full customer and personnel satisfaction, to produce products with zero defect percentage.